10th Winter School on Computational Geometry

10th Winter School on Computational Geometry


Amirkabir University of Technology

Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) was established in 1958 as the first technical university of Iran. Through its rapid educational and research expansion, the university was able to gain a high rank among all other universities and research centers. The achievements of this university in the area of research are evident from the many publications and the national and international prizes awarded for research activities. The most important achievements are:

The university was selected as Center of Excellency by the ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in the fields of electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, Textile engineering, medical engineering, civil engineering and aerospace engineering. The Department of Computer and Information Technology is also nominated for such honor.

The university received the National Distinguished Award from Kharazmi Prize Winning Award (National Award for the best qualified scientific activities) and so far, has been granted more than 20 prizes from KPW.

The university received the first rank for industry related activities.

The university has the highest ratio of the number of academic staff to the number of students amongst all other universities within the country.

The university gained the first rank at several National Olympiads between students of all universities.

The university has the honor of allowing all the first rank students to study in two different fields, simultaneously.

The university has established educational and research collaboration with international universities and based on its high quality performance was able to sign mutual agreements for joint scientific activities with well-known universities.

Currently, with its 15 departments at the campus and two other affiliated centers, located in BandarAbbas and Mahshahr, the University enjoys collaborating of 450 full time academic staff. Altogether, about 5500 B.Sc. students in 35 different fields, 3000 M.Sc. students in 56 field and 600 PhD students in 35 fields are pursuing their studies in this university.

According to its evident goals and missions, this university plans to be among the world's 300 best universities and is going to be one of the 3 outstanding universities of the Middle East in the next 20 years.

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Amirkabir University was established in 1987 offering undergraduate courses in the field of Applied Mathematics with either computer science, physics or operational research. The Department has 37 full-time academic staff and a sum of 414 undergraduate and 132 graduate students in the fields of applied mathematics, pure Mathematics, and computer science. Currently, 45 PhD students are pursuing studies in the fields of pure and applied mathematics. Also, every semester, the Department offers ten subjects in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science to about 4000 engineering students studying in various departments of the university. The graduates are experts in areas of stochastic, informatics, and mathematics and can support scientific and research activities at various industrial and technical institutions.

Laboratory of Algorithms and Computational Geometry


The Algorithm and Computational Geometry (ACG) group of Amirkabir University of Technology was found in the year 2006 with the goal of gathering computational geometry students in the fields of mathematics and computer science of the university to collaborate with and to provide an opportunity for enhancing the individual works.


The ACG group consists of about thrity five permanent researchers: Ali Mohades (head of the ACG), five faculty members, ten PhD students, eighteen graduate and seven under graduate students. Besides, the ACG group hosts about ten guest researchers.

Research topics

The ACG group has some subgroups like Voronoi Games, Polar Voronoi Diagram, Shapes and Matching, Facility Location, Covering, Visibility, Imprecise Computational Geometry, Bioinformatics and Task Allocation in the field of motion planning.


The ACG holds the “Origami Conference and Competition” and the “Winter School on Computational Geometry” every year in Iran (for more information see http://www.iranorigami.ir and http://www.wscg.ir). The ACG is going to direct the fourth winter school on computational geometry with focus on robotics in the winter 2012.

The results of the researches done in the ACG group have been published in the form of papers in several journals and conferences in the field of Computational Geometry.

Other information

The public meetings of the group are held on Wednesdays at 14:00-16:00 in the council room of the department of mathematics and computer science.

Web site: http://cg.aut.ac.ir E-mail: algoCG AT aut.ac.ir

Address: Laboratory of Algorithms and Computational Geometry (Room 213), Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.